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Our group’s vision is to provide resources to families in Umukabia for their advance-ment and to keep our connection with our culture and heritage vibrant and strong.

Our by-laws lay out a plan of action for achieving our commitment to members of our Onukele’s community in Umukabia.

The purpose of the Organization is to provide a platform to improve the lives of all Onukele descendants worldwide, and in its wider context foster and advance the proud Onukele heritage among its members worldwide.

The Organization shall fulfill these purposes by galvanizing the members and friends of the Onukeles in the United States of America (USA) under one organization which shall promote and facilitate the achievement of the above objectives of both the Onukele of Umukabia in Diaspora (Onukele in Diaspora) and an affiliated Organization, Onukele of Umukabia in Nigeria (Onukele in Nigeria).

The Organization shall also encourage the proud participation, networking, and shared sense of responsibility among Members to support both the Organizations.

We are motivated to be very active this year through various initiatives to provide much needed resources to Onukele families in Umukabia.

Since our group started coming together last year, the organization has helped a number of Onukele families as we continue to get more support for our efforts.

We presently have prepared the organization’s by-laws to meet these needs effectively.

To better understand the scope and purpose of our organization, a copy of our by-laws is provided on our website.

Onukeles in Diaspora By-Laws

View Our By-Laws Online